(Sh)Jazz with an attitude at the CAFÉ

Het museum café van het Groninger museum
Deuren gaan open om 20:00 concert begint 20:45

2th of March

Shjazz ft George Sopacua-g ,Tony Hoyting-p & Marco Kerver-db

6th of April


24th of February, Stamboom the Hague, Shjazz Quartet
15th of March, Alluvium, Germany, Shjazz Quartet
24th of March, Keldercafé Merlot, Shjazz y Tico
10th of April, Café Laurent, France, Tour l'amour
18 & 19th of April, Caveau d'Oubliettes, France, Tour l'amour
1st of July, Keti Koti